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    Animal Instincts
    Joanne Cole is a housewife who feels her life
    crumbling around her. Joanne’s husband, David,
    is a police officer with little time for...
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    Body of Influence
    Dr. Jonathan Brooks was a prominent Beverly
    Hills psychiatrist. Jonathan’s new patient,
    wanted him to make her erotic nightmares go away.
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    The Expert
    Betrayed by the judicial system Lomax sets
    out to deliver his own brand of justice...

Master Licensing is proud to announce that the 70th anniversary 4K restored version of Jules Dassin's classic Film Noir THE NAKED CITY will have its World Premiere at the 2018 Venice Film Festival!

by JULES DASSIN (USA, 1948, 96’, B/W)
Restoration: Torsten Kaiser - TLEFilms FRPS, Master Licensing Inc. and Brook Productions

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We had script meetings and story conferences and we truly tried to make the films as entertaining for ourselves as possible. The women are the strong, assertive characters who are driving the stories, who are manipulating...the men are dancing on the strings.

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